Terms and Conditions

Dog Training Classes Terms & Conditions

Please book via the automatic payment function on the website, if you are unable to do this please contact me for further instruction.

Once the course has been paid for and the first week has been attended refunds will only be offered if the dog has come into season or is going to be ill for more than 1 week. 

Fleur’s Happy Hounds is an up to date reward based training club including respectful Tellington TTouch techniques and therefore, rough handling or the use of aversive techniques or equipment is not permissible.

If your dog is reactive towards other dogs or people these training classes will not be meeting the needs of your dog. However, please still contact me for advice on your next steps and after some Private Sessions with rehabilitation your dog maybe able to join. If you are an owner of an aggressive dog, please do not feel alienated help is at hand in a different format.

Fleur’s Happy Hounds instructors will make all reasonable endeavours to run courses in a safe and professional manner at all times and in accordance with good practice. Fleur’s Happy Hounds holds public liability and professional indemnity insurance suitable for a dog training club.

Kindly note that any physical activity can have risks, therefore, activities are entirely at the risk of the participant. Neither Fleur’s Happy Hounds, nor its individual instructors or helpers, nor the owners or landlords of our training venues, accept any responsibilities, whatsoever, for any injuries or losses sustained which are not covered by Fleur’s Happy Hounds insurance.

Handlers and/or owners remain responsible for their dogs at all times and are advised to ensure they have adequate pet or household insurance cover for liability in the unlikely event of damage or injury caused by their dog to property or to a third party.
Please keep the outside areas clean from dog fouling. Kindly double bag any waste and place in a designated bin. If a bin is unavailable please take it home.

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Dog Walking and Private 1-2-1 Sessions

Fleur's Happy Hounds will provide a caring and kind service to you and your dog.

Fleur's Happy Hounds recommends that all dogs taken out of the home environment are vaccinated and up to date with wormers, flea and tick treatments.

Fleur's Happy Hounds would appreciate being informed if your dog is being treated for any medical condition.

Fleur's Happy Hounds request that all dogs have an appropriate collar with a tag bearing the owners, surname, address and telephone number as stated in Dog Law, an addition tag will be attached for walks and 1-2-1 training with Fleur's Happy Hounds contact details.

Fleur's Happy Hounds will NOT exercise a dog off lead unless a consent form is signed and this is also at our discretion.

Fleur's Happy Hounds is covered by Public Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity. However, any accident, incident or pet loss should be claimed through the owners own dog insurance or at their expense. You can be assured that every attempt will be made to prevent anything happening to your dog in our care.

Fleur's Happy Hounds will contact the owner in the first instance in an emergency, or another family member or trusted friend if the owner is not contactable. If veterinary care is required your dog will be taken to your local vet, or the closest vet if deemed necessary. All vet costs will be at the expense of the owner and Fleur's Happy Hounds will require full reimbursement.

Fleur's Happy Hounds will keep all information given on our forms as confidential and in line with the Data Protection Law.

Fleur's Happy Hounds will keep all keys in a secure locked safe and separate from confidential information.

Fleur's Happy Hounds will arrange for a consultation visit before any service commences.

Fleur's Happy Hounds requires a disclaimer and information sheet completed by the dog owner.

Fleurs Happy Hounds requires at least 24hr notice of cancellation of a service, or this will incur a full charge.

Fleur's Happy Hounds reserve the right to change or amend the Terms and Conditions at any time.

Fleur's Happy Hounds reserve the rights to cancel/decline/terminate a service due to any circumstance.

Fleur's Happy Hounds requires payment by either cheque or cash immediately after a one off training service, or weekly/monthly for a continuing service.

Fleur's Happy Hounds will provide dog appropriate treats for your dog, please advise of any food in tolerances.

Fleur's Happy Hounds will NOT be liable if any pet escapes due to a faulty collar, lead or harness or gardens/fences in disrepair on the owner's premises.

Fleur's Happy Hounds will meet the following guidelines and regulations:

Animal Welfare Act 2006
· Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 and Amendment Act 1997
· Dog Control Orders
· Fouling (poo)
· Identification
· In your home: responsibilities as an owner and neighbour



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