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In line with the Kennel Club's latest advice (see below), I can now hold private 1-2-1 lessons outside in a private space including clients gardens, and social places adhering to the Social Distance requirement. I have had kind permission to use the garden area at Broadstone Arts and Community Center as well, (this will be a slighter higher 1-2-1 cost to include the rent of this facility). I could also offer 1-2-1 sessions in your home, however, I personally wish to wait awhile before I recommence this service.

Please click here Kennel Club

I am now offering Zoom one to one consultations remotely,  (you can if you wish to send me videos of your dog),  discuss training requirements and hold a live training session. After the consultation I can then send further information and resources to you in the form of emails, documents and videos. £15 for 30mins(UK customers only.)

Puppies; basic obedience, heelwalking, recall, fun games to play, management at home, puppy biting etc

Dog training;basic obedience, heelwalking, recall, fun games to play, management at home etc

Any issues that I feel need me to be present cannot be offered at this time, but, we can provisionally book something for a future date.

I can also offer online webinars and videos on a wide range of dog topics, contact me for further details and I can tailor you a training package. (Prices vary)

Contact me on 07986 096 926 or email or book online here




So How Do I Socialise my Puppy Now? (As of restrictions 27th March 2020)

I am sure in these unprecedented times we are all asking the same question.

I will be introducing a new puppy at the end of May so I thought I would share my ideas, suggestions and knowledge of how I will be tackling socialisation. It isn’t an ideal time as we all know to be raising a puppy, but we need to do something to prevent a puppy being afraid of the outside world, suffer from separation anxiety and have a lack of enrichment. We need to be inventive to have a puppy that can be as balanced mentally, physically and emotionally as possible. We want him to be “The Best He Can Be” at this difficult time.

So how are we going to achieve this!
Firstly, as you are probably aware veterinarians are unable to carry out routine appointments currently, as they must follow a directive from RCVS (Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons), therefore, our puppies will not be getting their vaccinations.
Thankfully our pups won’t catch Covid-19, however, they could potentially carry the virus on their fur (should they encounter it) and transmit it that way. Social Distancing applies to us and our pups.
In an ideal world we would be socialising and habituating our pups with a whole variety of positive experiences before they reach the end of the critical socialisation period, depending on breed this could be anything between 13 to 22 weeks.

What Can I do?
I recommend that we practice good handling skills with our pets, checking them over; ears, eyes, mouth, paws and all over their bodies, include grooming too. This must be carried out in a respectful way, use treats or part of their food so we make this a positive experience. This will help when they can have their vaccinations, go to groomers etc. I personally find this is most achievable when they are a bit sleepy.
Trust is paramount, our pups need to trust us and other family members, we are the guardians of these cute little balls of fluff and we must treat them with kindness and understanding. Our pups do need leadership and direction, reward the good behaviour, with attention, treats, verbal praise and play, unwanted behaviour needs to be ignored, cause a distraction, sympathetically remove from the situation, management of the areas they are allowed, i.e., tuck cables etc away. We need to keep them safe. We need to learn their body language as much as they need to understand us.
Teach them how to be calm, introduce some basic obedience exercises, play, find the treat games, build on your relationship.
As we can’t socialise them with different people an option is to change our appearance and make that a rewarding experience. Ideas could be wearing glasses, sunglasses, hats, use a walk stick, an umbrella, be creative.

Download some everyday noises; cars, sirens, motorbikes, lorries, horns, children playing, babies crying, dogs barking, hoover, washing machine, think about other sounds your pup will encounter. Play the sounds at a low volume initially and over the period of days and weeks increase the volume slightly louder each time. Carefully watch your pups body language we don’t want to scare them. Feed treats whilst you do this, have the sounds playing when they are having a meal, so they build positive associations and helps to desensitise them.
I have a couple of stuffies (soft toys), in the shape and size of dogs and cats. Dogs usually think these are real from a distance, so I will use these as a new visual experience.
Give your pup some new experiences inside the house and in the garden. Use different surfaces to walk on, poles to walk over, chairs to walk between. This helps gain confidence and awareness of self. You could use brooms garden canes etc as poles.
Get them use to collars and harnesses, keeping this as a rewarding experience. Play scent games and find it games, scatter their food, put the food in interactive toys to get them problem solving or even use cardboard boxes, kitchen roll tubes etc.

If you are not self-isolating, and at the time of writing this we still can walk our dogs, if possible carry your pup just down the road so they get the chance to see, smell and hear things in different environments. Dog pushchairs are on the market too!

Get them use to the smell and sound of your car, start without the engine running, use treats, give them their meals in there. Repeat this with just the engine running. Take them to the supermarket for the experience of the car’s movement too. DO NOT LEAVE THEM IN THE CAR ALONE DUE TO POSSIBLE THEFT AND DISTRESS, TAKE SOMEONE WHO LIVES WITH YOU TO LOOK AFTER YOUR PUP. It is an offence for a dog to be loose in a car or on someone’s lap as this is seen as a possible distraction to the driver. Therefore, get your pup use to being in a car crate, behind a dog guard or dog seatbelt harness.

Separation anxiety could be an issue as the pup is likely to be with you all the time. Get your pup into a routine for when you leave them, gradually building on duration. You could just go into another room, the garden, start the car etc.

For further support, guidance and training contact me.
I can offer resources via interactive video conferencing, webinars, Facebook, WhatsApp and Telephone. (A Small charge will apply to interactive video conferencing and webinars).

I hope this information is useful to you.

Fleur Broderick
Fleur Broderick MAPDT 00928
Tellington TTouch Practitioner P1
Mobile: 07986 096 926
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Sadly, I have decided to suspend dog training classes due to the Government Directive concerning social distancing, (this includes private 1-2-1 sessions in clients homes). Dog walking services are available. 

Instead, I can offer you one of the following options;

• Facetime training and consultations
• Skype training and consultations
• Training via YouTube or Zoom which will be password protected.
• Telephone Support
• Email support
• 1-2-1 face to face training outside in a low-density area
• Some useful training resources are currently being put together in a variety of media from top behaviourists/trainers on a variety of topics for myself to communicate to clients only.

Alternatively, if you are currently attending a course you can;

• Wait until training can recommence.
• Receive a credit note towards a new course.
• Receive a refund for classes that have been cancelled.

Please email me with your preferred option and I will then communicate with you personally. As you can appreciate this may take time to organise so please bear with me.

Apologies for these changes but I feel this is the best way forward at this present time.

Best regards,


Offering you and your Dog a Unique Training Experience.

Kind effective reward based training

Build an understanding respectful bond between you and your Dog

Monday Evenings at

Broadstone War Memorial Hall, Tudor Road, Broadstone BH18 8AW 

Thursday Evenings at

St Michael and All Angels Parish Centre Hall, Manor Road, Verwood, Dorset BH31 6DZ

Saturday Mornings at  

The Broadstone Community Centre, Tudor Road BH18 8AW 


Pre-booking essential

Please see the Course Dates page for availability, dates and automated booking system.

If the course you want is fully booked please email me so I can advise if any become

re-available or an extra course may get added.

Any queries please contact us for further information

email; mob; 07986 096 926


Puppy Course Includes:
Socialisation, Heel walking, Handling, Sits, Downs, Stands, Waits, Stays, Habituation, Recall, Leave it, Take it, Give etc. Puppy Certificate

Novice Dog Training Includes:
Socialisation, Heel walking, Handling, Sits, Downs, Stands, Waits, Stays, Habituation, Recall, Leave it, Take it, Give, Bedtime, Settle, On side, Calm meeting and Greeting, Finishes, Retrieves etc. Novice Certificate

Intermediate/Advanced Class Includes:
This course is for dogs that have the basics but enjoy mental and physical activities and learning new exercises. Intermediate and Advanced Certificates


All Training Classes include an element of Tellington TTouch to enhance and build on positive respectful experiences for you and your canine companion.

Items Required at a Training Class:


Items Not Permissible:



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